How weight gainers work

The idea of gaining weight being a problem may seem very alien to some Australians – this nation has a problem with obesity afterall! But for the purposes of bodybuilding and peak athletic performance, gaining the right kind of weight can be hard. Top athletes do not want to add fat, but they do want to add lean muscle mass and most of all retain it. It is a balancing act and any aspiring athlete needs to know how to balance the desire to add weight with the demands of peak athletic performance.

How is weight gained by the body?

There is a fairly simple 'formula' for gaining muscular weight. The amount of kilojoules taken in by the body must exceed the amount being 'burnt' off by exercise. The key however is that not just any food will do. For example:

  • Foods high in simple sugars can cause an insulin 'spike' which will help retain fat
  • Any weight gain diet must be high in carbohydrates which assist with protein absorption
  • Many top level athletes find they simply can not eat enough meals to keep apace of the prodigious amount of kilojoules they are losing to exercise
  • For these people weight gain supplements help make up the deficit
  • A good weight gain supplement will have abundant sources of natural protein such as that which is derived from eggs and sources such as whey protein
  • It will also need to be low in fat
  • Some weight gainers will also have a selection of amino acids that help with protein absorption, muscle recovery, waste elimination and fat metabolisation
  • Fat can help if it is 'good' fat
  • 'Good' fats can help by delivering extra kilojoules and things like Omega 3 which assists with brain function

For many athletes who require a combination of muscular bulk and explosive power, it is all too easy to lose muscular mass because the exertion required for their sport uses up so many kilojoules of energy. For these sorts of athletes or body builders, weight gain supplements allow them to add kilojoules to their diet without the problem of trying to cram more meals in.

Why use weight gain supplements?

Some aspiring body builders are what is often termed 'hard gainers' namely they have a physical type that doesn't add muscular weight easily. For these sorts of people in order to add weight they need an edge. Many athletes in sports that require a combination of muscular bulk and cardio vascular fitness, weight gain supplements are essential for retaining their muscle mass. And of course serious body builders are always looking for anything that helps add mass and a meal based approach on its own will not deliver the kilojoule intake required. Top weight gain supplements have been specially formulated to combine first class proteins and other essential nutrients to maximize the body's ability to add weight in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise routine.